Our Schools

We have a diverse range of schools with different challenges, varying demographics, differing facilities and contrasting locations. You can see the location of each school on our Island, and a link to their site below. Inclusion is a high priority in all of our schools. Our Special Schools are identified in both primary and secondary lists.

Primary Schools Map
1: Bel Royal School, St Lawrence
2: d'Auvergne School, St Helier
​3: First Tower School, ​St Helier
​4: Grands Vaux School, ​St Saviour
​​5: Grouville School, ​Grouville
6: ​Janvrin School, ​St Helier
7: ​Jersey College Preparatory School (fee-paying), ​St Saviour
​8: La Moye School, ​St Brelade
​9: Les Landes School, ​St Ouen
10: Mont à L’Abbé Special School, St Helier
11: ​​Mont Nicolle School, ​St Brelade
12: ​​​Plat Douet School, ​​St Saviour
​13: Rouge Bouillon School, ​St Helier
14: Samarès School, ​St Clement​
15: Springfield School, ​St Helier
​​​16: St Clement's School, St Clement​
​17: St John's School, St John​
18: ​​St Lawrence School, ​St Lawrence
​​​​19: St Luke's School, ​​St Saviour
20: St Martin's School, St Martin
21: St Mary's School, St Mary
22: ​St Peter's School, ​St Peter
23: ​St Saviour's School, ​St Saviour
​​24: Trinity​ School, Trinity​
25: ​Victoria College Preparatory School (fee-paying and from Year 3), St Helier
26: La Sente Special School, St Saviour
27: Beaulieu Primary Convent School, St Helier
28: ​De La Salle Primary School, ​St Saviour
29: ​FCJ Primary School, ​St Saviour
​30: Helvetia House School, ​St Helier
31: ​St Christopher's​ School, ​St Clement
32: ​St George's Preparatory School, ​St Peter
33: ​St Michael's Preparatory School, St Saviour
Secondary Schools Map
1: ​​Grainville School, ​St Saviour
​2: Haute Vallée School, ​St Helier
​3: Hautlieu School (from Year 10), ​St Saviour
4: Highlands College (Further Education), St Saviour
5: Jersey College for Girls (fee-paying), ​St Saviour
6: La Sente Special School, St Saviour
7: ​Le Rocquier School, St Clement
8: Les Quennevais School, St Brelade
9: Mont à L’Abbé Special School, St Helier
10: Victoria College (fee-paying), ​St Saviour
11: ​Beaulieu Secondary Convent School, ​St Helier
12: ​De La Salle Secondary School, ​St Saviour